"REGIS" REmote Geographic Information Systems

providing consulting, project management, manned and unmanned aerial imagery, and 3D visualizations for Renewable Energy, Land Use, and Transportation related projects. Based in Bakersfield, CA since 1986 with an office in San Diego serving central and southern California.


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Data and Analysis

High Resolution Aerial Imagery

Having been consumers of spatial imagery ourselves we understand the importance this high resolution and timely resource. This new epoch of aerial imagery does away with long lag time and high costs for budgeting and delivery.

3D Models and Point Clouds

The data we create can be used utilized in the form of 3D photo realistic point cloud data or converted into 3D Meshes for visualization purposes. Please note this data is not certified for any purposes or accuracy and is strictly for visualization.

Environmental, Land & Permitting

Each project exists in a unique area with characteristics that define constraints that need to be considered during the project life cycle. A thorough understanding and compilation of data resources is a critical step when evaluating project areas for future development.

Energy Project Development

Wind and Solar energy generation is growing rapidly worldwide. Our team is proud to have directly contributed to this growth through years of experience in helping to design and develop multiple wind and solar farms across the U.S.